Mind Training

  • Mind training means to manage your emotions. Without a feeling nothing would happen. Therfore it is so important to take care of our emotions and thoughts. One thought can kill, one thought can make you happy. It is possible and inspiring to improve the art of thinking, training your mind, based on Buddhist psychology.


  • Meditation is another tool to calm your mind. Most of us think too much. Too much thinking causes doubts, fear, afflictions. That makes you weak and harms your health. From the view of Tibetan medicine it is said, that disease starts in your mind. Mediation improves your daily life by mindfulness. 

Body training 

  • Lu Jong/ Tibetan healing yoga is a course to teach you 28 simple body movements to support your health. The body changes the mood of the mind.The practise of Lu Jong makes your energy flowing. This flow produces happy hormons, we are happy and less thinking. That leads you to more silence and more peace. Lu Jong is mediation in movement to calm your body and mind.

  • course, either individual or group 
  • Minimum 1hr per lesson
  • location & appointment: per request/tbd