How you think is how you see (Tulku Lobsang)

Lu Jong is medicine in movement for body and mind  (Sophy)

Pride and self- pity are very close to each other. (D.J. Khyentse)

The obstacle of patience is anger (M. Ricard)

The true source of fear is ignorance (Buddhist teaching)

Ignorance means not knowing the facts, a wrong view of the facts or a lack of knowledge.

Love is best medicine. Love is the source of health (Tulku Lobsang)

Buddhism means help and medicine. (Tulku Lobsang)

Too much thinking can harm you, because doubts, afflictions take you away from clearness of your mind. (Sophy)

The beauty you see comes from your heart- the bad you see comes from your anger. (Sophy)

Harming harms you- helping helps you. (Buddhist wisdom)