How old is Lu Jong?

Lu Jong (pronounce Loo Dschong, Lu= body Jong= training) has its origin about 8000 years ago  in Tibet. In the seclusion of the Tibetan Himalaya eremits created this unique movement teaching. That´s why Lu Jong is considered to be the eldest teaching of healing movements.

What is Lu Jong*?

Lu Jong is based on Tibetan Medicine and the teaching of the five elements. 28 movements can balance the systems of organs in the physical body and open the channels of the energy body.Lu Jong connects body, mind and energy.This flow is the basic for health in body and mind.

Lu Jong is meditation in movement, because we practice the movement mindful. Instead of holding one position for a long time, the sense of Lu Jong is the combination of form and movement. This combination is typical for Tibetan Yoga. Form prepares the body, while the flowing movements give pressure and reduce it on different points. The repeat of the movements seven times connected with the correct breathing brings the best effect for the body system. You can also call it inner massage. This leads to more mental clearness, more silence, more mindfulness, more contentment, more joy of life, more compassion and love. Lu Jong improves the abilities of the five senses/ perception, makes the energies flow again and makes us realize the present moment before it´s over.

Lu Jong, the combination of moving and breathing opens the channels in our body softly, dissolves blockades and brings energy from wrong into right direction. This supports the immune system, the vital organs and takes care of the spine, our life axis.

*can't replace a medical diagnose, therapy or medical treatment 

Typical for Lu Jong

  • for every age recommendable and suitable
  • you need no previous knowledge to enjoy Lu Jong
  • takes care of the spine, the guard of our wellbeing
  • support our body consciousness and
  • our inner sensibility and
  • our mind concentration
  • Lu Jong is easy,  but it can change your life


Tulku Lobsang

„No matter, if you´re a spiritual person or not, Lu Jong is a magnificent technic to reach a healthy body with a happy mind, to keep it and to prevent diseases. Therefore it makes sense to everyone to practice Lu Jong. As long as you've a body the practice of Lu Jong makes truly sense.“