“ To understand where you are now, you need to realize how you´ve come there“ (Sophy)

My father was always looking for a better job and so we moved very often throughout Germany. This nomadic life caused that I was building houses with my legos without any roof, cerating rooms. Later on I studied interrior design and worked over twenty years as an interior stylist in many countries

ButTime was running so fast, that I couldn´t use it. And I ask myself who is using whom? Time me or use I time?

The answer was to give life a new direction.I made a break and started to study one more. As an interor stylist I really enjoyed to create room- atmopshere with colours and materials. And I wanted to know more about the energy of rooms, therefore the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui came into my life, part of Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Now I know the coherence betwen energy and health. It´s fascinating what rooms make with people.

After the feng shui certification I travelled with students and master to China and Tibet. It´s been an amazing feeling to touch the roof of the world in 5400 meters height.

2004 indeed I met the best teacher of my life: Tulku Lobsang. In 2005 he educated me in Tibetan healing yoga (Lu Jong), part of Tibetan medicine. Since my certification as a Lu Jong teacher I never give up studying. As a child I ´ve been teached eating, speaking, writing and so on, but nobody teached me thinking.Thinking can be so dangerous!


You are your enemy- you are your friend!“

(Tulku Lobsang)

May you now understand what brought me to where I am now: a good life coach. The best we can do with our life, is cultivating our sincerly talents, in order to support others and inspire them for a happy life.Why should we do this? Because



(Tulku Lobsang)

  • some interests

meeting people for a philosophical cup of tea, reading interesting books written by charismatic people, cooking colourful and tasty, good worldmusic, walking through nature, painting in „Sophy Macke style“, but I really enjoy my selfmanagement of emotions & thoughts

  • some numbers
  • 2004 student journey to China and Tibet with master
  • 2006 2nd tour to Tibet and China
  • 2005 Lu Jong trainer certification by Tulku Lobsang
  • 2007 one week student of the Dalai Lama
  • 2011 2nd Lu Jong teacher certification/ renewal
  • 2011 Mindfullness Meditation- teacher certification
  • 2012 pilgrimage with our master Tulku Lobsang to India
  • 2013 moving from the German coast to Berlin
  • 2014 Buddhist Psychology education/ certification,
  • Thank you for reading this!