Tulku Lobsang

is a precious Buddhist master of the Tantrayana tradition and a renowned doctor of Tibetan medicine. He is a man who bridges worlds. Since 2000 he travels the  world sharing these ancient wisdom and methods to improve our modern lives.

Tulku Lobsang is the founder and director of Nangten Menlang international (Buddhist Medical Center). His aim is to awaken each of us to our own inner wisdom and inner medicine.

Born in Amdo, Tibet in 1976, Tulku Lobsang began his religious studies at the age of six when he entered  a Bön monastery. At 13 he was recognized as a tulku, a reincarnated Lama, in the Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and received an intensive education in the major Buddhist philosophies. He especially focused on Tibetan Medine & Astrology due to his innate healing abilities. Today Tulku Lobsang has seen several thousands patients, using the art of the pulse diagnosis to sense their imbalances and thereby offer advice and healing.

Already as a child Tulku Lobsang wanted to learn all about Lu Jong and he asked many great masters to teach him. With his deep knowledge of Lu Jong he soon recognized the benefit and power of Lu Jong. As a doctor he decided to make some Lu Jong movements available for us, the people in the west. With his travels to Europe, North- and South America, Asia he knows very well, which kind of Lu Jong exercises we need most to have the best benefit.

It is a great request for Tulku Lobsang to alleviate with Lu Jong the suffering of humans.

Tulku Lobsang skillfully brings the ancient teachings into modern application, accessible for people of all backgrounds. His traditional background and charismatic, straightforward style make him a phenomenal teacher and transmitter of great wisdom.

The trailer for the Tulku Lama Lobsang - Lu Jong Exercise DVD